November 2014

The concerts of the National Academy of Saint Cecilia for the Holy Land

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi tell us and remind us about the difficult season that the people of the Holy Land are experiencing, the children in particular.

Thus, came about the idea of a cycle of six benefit concerts that the musicians of the National Academy of Saint Cecilia wanted to offer for the Holy Land in the months of November and December in Rome. The performances are held in the church of St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, in the Eur Torrino district in Rome. “Je m’appelle Nelly” is the title of the initiative, and it is named after one of the residents of the Bethlehem Antonian Society’s home for the elderly.

Next concerts will take place on  November 30th, December 11th  and 21st.

Association pro Terra Sancta is pleased to invite all of its friends to participate in these charity concerts organized by the musicians of the prestigious Orchestra of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia. The proceeds will go to support the following projects: Bethlehem and the children of the Holy Land (in particular for child sponsorship), Bethlehem is also for the elderly, Emergency Syria, and Jerusalem — Stones of Memory.

Video produced by Franciscan Media Center. 

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