The Holy Land in video: discover the films of ATS pro Terra Sancta!

Giacomo Pizzi27 June 2011

“Telling the Story of the Holy Land” through pictures, showing the friends of the Holy Land the reality in which the Custody of the Holy Land and the Franciscan friars work this is the aim of the collection of videos and films made available by ATS pro Terra Sancta.

The new part of the site www.proterrasancta.org, entirely dedicated to the series of photos and videos made by professional volunteers who are working with the Custody of the Holy Land, began with the notion of telling and showing the activities of ATS pro Terra Sancta by presenting the projects of the association, thus allowing supporters and friends of the Holy Land to feel closer to the life of local Christians.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 3D, Bethlehem, Gaza, Sebastia, Jerusalem, the Magnificat – these are only a few of the videos available on the site www.proterrasancta.org that can be downloaded and freely reproduced, or requested in high definition format (via FTP or DVD) by writing to dev@brera13studio.com.

The situation in the Holy Land has long been characterized by political tensions of a complex nature, by religious radicalism, and by conditions of continual emergency and social stress. In this difficult political context, the presence of the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land has been of great importance: they not only support the local community in numerous ways but also are conscious of their duty to communicate the life, needs and hopes of this land of God and of those who live there, as well as the precious uniqueness of the Holy Places, of which they have been the faithful custodians for nearly eight centuries.

ATS pro Terra Sancta believes that it is of fundamental importance to make known to the entire world, Christian and non-Christian, the Holy Land and the Christian presence in the Middle East, of which many are not fully aware. From here where the story of salvation took place, a message of truth and peace needs to be sent to the people of all cultures.

In addition to the large number of pictures that can be downloaded and freely reproduced (indicating in the caption the source, either ATS pro Terra Sancta or the Internet site  www.proterrasancta.org), the NGO Custody of the Holy Land is making available numerous high-definition videos of the Holy Places and the projects it is promoting to support the Christian population of the Holy Land.

“The Holy Land is not just any site, it is the land that gave rise to our faith, it is where our roots are … It is essential that we root ourselves in the Christian testimony: to be witnesses through our deeds to a hope that is maintained even in the face of adversity … The works and the concrete commitment of each one of us, our testimony, should say clearly who we are.”