The Holy Land is solidarity: a donation as a marriage gift

Giacomo Pizzi17 October 2011

A donation for the Holy Land on the occasion of a marriage. This represents an alternative and supportive manner of foregoing gifts that not infrequently turn out to be exaggerated or superfluous, and instead directing the offering towards people who are truly in need. An idea that can transform a “classic” gift into a new form of solidarity.

There are many friends of pro Terra Sancta who have decided to make such a concrete gesture of generosity to celebrate a special occasion: a baptism, a birthday, a marriage…

The gifts are directed in favor of one of the many activities of ATS pro Terra Sancta in the Holy Land: there are those who choose to support children or the elderly in Bethlehem, others the Christians of Gaza or Egypt, and still others one of the cultural or archaeological projects.

Please show your solidarity as well on the occasion of a special event: support the Christian presence in the Holy Land!