The infinite tragedy of Syria, where the friars are remaining close to the people

Giacomo Pizzi13 June 2013

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees speaks of 93,000 deaths since March 2011, the beginning of the conflict in Syria. Among these are 6,500 minors and nearly 1,800 babies. Numbers that speak of an infinite tragedy, of broken lives and of a country in disintegration.

In this sea of pain, where those who survive and are unable to flee must deal every day with fear, misery and destruction, the friars of the Custody of the Holy Land remain in place, in both villages and town, seeking to remain close to the Syrian people. To give them comfort, to help them survive and find serenity.

They are in need of prayers, but also the support of everyone: to buy food and medicine, and to help those who remain there without hope to look to the future. Please help us remain close to Syria and the Syrian people.