May 2012

Report 2011

To all friends and supporters of the Holy Land, ATS pro Terra Sancta presents its third annual Social Report, containing details of activities carried out in 2011. It is thanks to your help and the voluntary support of several experts in their field that we are able to continue with our work.

It was written with reference, where compatible, to the guidelines on drafting Annual Reports for non-profit organisations produced by the Agenzia per le ONLUS (Agency for non-lucrative social organisations).

It is written in Italian and English, and divided into three sections:

• The first – Profile – describes the identity and values which guide the organisation;

• The second – Social report – analyses the results obtained with reference to the two areas of intervention;

• The third – Resources – highlights the sources of funding and the valuable contribution made by our team and volunteers.

Click here to browse the 2011 Social Report and explore the many activities carried out in support of the living stones and the stones of memory in the Holy Land.

Finally we would like to share with you the words of Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land and President of ATS pro Terra Sancta: “I would like to address a particular thanks to all the collaborators and volunteers of the Association for their generous commitment in sharing our mission. The freshness of their ideas attracts the participation of many new friends and supporters; this allows us to continue along the path that the Lord has marked out for us.”