April 2015

Supporting the Christian presence in the Old City of Jerusalem: a building restored

Located along the boundary between the Christian and Muslim quarters, within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, the building known as “Herro” faces onto the Arab souk, above the remnants of the ancient Roman Cardo Maximus that divided ancient Jerusalem in two, on a north-south axis.

The complex, owned by the Custody of the Holy Land, was in a state of advanced deterioration: large areas affected by moisture, ceiling beams corroded and in danger of collapse, the glass roof of the courtyard in dangerous condition, and obsolete electrical and water installations. The need to renovate the building, for its own preservation, provided the opportunity to substantially modify the internal distribution of space, better adapting it to the requirements of its residents: it was divided into two separate apartments, a larger one for a family with four small children, and a smaller one for a single person.

The works were carried out by a team of workers employed by the Technical Office of the Custody, as part of the project “Jerusalem, Stones of Memory” supported by Association pro Terra Sancta. A large part of the costs were covered by a generous donation from French Chapter of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

Every contribution is essential for carrying forward this very important project, whose ultimate objective is that of supporting the Christian presence around the Holy Places of Jerusalem. Find out how you too can support this great mission of the Franciscans.

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