The Old City of Jerusalem: an important intervention is underway thanks to the generous donations from a parish

Giacomo Pizzi14 October 2011

All the rooms of the apartment of a Christian family in the Holy City of Jerusalem are located below the level of the street and are in fact underground. The only possibility for ventilation is thus through the small inner courtyard which, however, is also located below street level. The result? The inside rooms are unhealthy and poorly ventilated even under normal conditions.

Making the situation even worse are the leaks from the apartment situated above, whose water and sewage systems are obsolete, leading to a situation that is almost indescribable. Mildewed and peeling plaster, short circuits caused by leaks and humidity, and the barest minimum of sanitary conditions are only some of the problems found in the apartment that is situated in the Christian Quarter of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Thanks to the generous donation from the S. Giovanna Antida Parish in Rome, received via the parish priest Massimiliano Nazio, the Technical Office of the Custody of the Holy Land will be able to carry out a number of urgent interventions to improve the living conditions for the Christians who live in the residence in question in the Holy City of Jerusalem: replacing the pipes responsible for the leaks from the apartment above, replacing the obsolete installations in the apartment’s bathroom, and replacing the lift pump in the septic tank.