The Saint Francis monastery in Jerusalem: moving forward with the reconstruction

Giacomo Pizzi11 April 2012

photo by Miriam Mezzera A stones throw from the Holy Cenacle on Mount Zion, the reconstruction for the Saint Francis ad Coenaculum monastery continues in earnest.  This location holds a significant importance for the Franciscans of the Holy Land considering it’s proximity to the site of the Last Supper and the spot where the Franciscan’s established their first monastery some eight centuries ago.

The work, with an estimated completion date of five months time, is being carried out by the Custody’s Treasury with the help of the Technical Office’s maintenance team.

These restoration works form part of a larger project called “Jerusalem, stones of memory” – working to restore and maintain various structures within the Custody of the Holy Land.  Among the project’s objectives are conserving sanctuaries, monasteries and houses as well as training activities that will offer professional training to the workers hired by the Custody of the Holy Land, giving them the chance to work on a project of great value to the Holy Land in which they live.