the sun

The support from Italian band ‘The Sun’ served as a testimonial in the Christmas campaign about Bethlehem

Giacomo Pizzi5 February 2013

They have brought Bethlehem with them on their winter tour, by talking to thousands of young people about what they saw and lived in the Holy Land and more importantly in the city where Jesus was born. They are ‘The Sun’, a young Italian rock band that was involved in ATS’ Christmas campaign pro Terra Santa, serving as a testimonial. Here is the message the band’s spokesperson, Francesco Lorenzi, delivered at the end of this campaign:

“To see how doing good deeds generates more positive results, love and gratitude is always a strong emotion! The work we did with ATS pro Terra Sancta for the campaign “At Christmas time a return to the beginning ” has been a great source of joy for us. We have involved thousands of young people, sharing with them the importance of helping the most vulnerable. Besides the success we reached in collecting funds, I think the most interesting aspect of this project has been the involvement of young minds. The world needs this, because the many young people who put efforts in supporting the project “At Christmas time a return to the beginning” will put efforts in for another project in the future. It’s a virtuous circle that, once created, will reach the sky”

The band’s bassist himself, Matteo Reghelin, brought the contribution collected from fans and friends of the band to Bethlehem. It was given to the Antonian Society’s care home for the elderly and to the disabled children of Hogar Niño Dios. It is a real gesture of friendship and support that Bethlehem will remember!