June 2013
Terra Sancta school

The support of the schools in Savona for the children of Bethlehem is continuing: the coming initiatives and an invitation for all friends of the Holy Land

From Savona to Bethlehem: yet another sign of the friendship of Italian children towards Palestinian children from the town of Jesus. The support from the schools in Savona for the children of the Terra Sancta School of Bethlehem began last year with a series of exchanges of letters and drawings.

Now it is continuing with an initiative taken by the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Legino (Savona, Italy) on Saturday 22 June at 20.45: a prayer meeting in which the Bishop of Savona Msgr. Vittorio Lupi will be participating and during which funds will be collected in support of the project “Bethlehem and the children of the Holy Land”.

In addition, in July several teachers from Savona will be coming to the Holy Land to visit the Bethlehem schools and meet in person the children and teachers involved in this wonderful initiative.

We would like to remind everyone that is is possible to come to the Holy Land to visit the Holy Places and at the same time learn about the works that ATS pro Terra Sancta is carrying out to support the local communities and to preserve these sites.

We also invite those who wish to make independent visits, reserving their own flights, for several days or a weekend. ATS pro Terra Sancta will assist you in organizing your visit in the best possible manner, so as to pray at the Holy Places while at the same time learning about our projects and having the opportunity to meet the living stones of the Holy Land! Contacts: visitproject@proterrasancta.org.

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