March 2017

“To welcome each one as Jesus himself”: Dar al Majus, the new guesthouse in Bethlehem

“Dar al Majus”, namely, the house of the Three Kings. This is the name of the new guesthouse for pilgrims and visitors which was inaugurated in Bethlehem. The guesthouse has 15 beds and is located on the main square of Bethlehem, in front of the Nativity Church.

The three Magi are the three main supporters of this project,” Vincenzo Bellomo, head of the Association pro Terra Sancta in Bethlehem. “They deserve our warmest thanks.”

Yes, they deserve it, because the Dar al Majus is not just an ordinary guesthouse, as there may be many in Bethlehem, but it is above all a social work in support of the local community. In fact, the project is part of a wider initiative of the Custody of the Holy Land, in collaboration with Association pro Terra Sancta, that aims to the purchase of properties in favor of the Christian community.

Some of these properties, both in Bethlehem and in Jerusalem, have been restored and were rented to local Christians, in order to encourage them to stay in the Holy Land (read more about the project). The Dar al Majus is one of these properties which provides hospitality on one hand and supports local economy on the other. The profits in fact will go to fund other social projects in the town.

For this reason, the two main donors have also been awarded with the Grato Animo, one of the highest awards of the Custody of the Holy Land handed to those who support the local Church the most.

I hope,” the Custos of the Holy Land said before proceeding with the blessing of the guesthouse, “that you may welcome the guest, the pilgrim or any visitor, as if it were Jesus himself“. In the same exact way as the three Magi did, following the star to Bethlehem.


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