A three weeks field experience for university students to discover the Middle East

We offer an opportunity to learn about the area and its unique locations, to be introduced to Israeli and Palestinian realities, as well as meeting members of different communities and joining social activities with them.

At such a critical historical moment for the Middle East, we want to show and share the possibilities for peaceful coexistence of different people, cultures and religions. It is not our intention to propose an ideal model, but rather to offer on-site experiences, and listen to the testimonies of both the community leaders and ordinary people active in the area.

Program participants will explore three interconnected aspects in depth.

Territorial and cultural aspect

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The program is a unique opportunity for discovering and knowing the land. Field trips (to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Sabastiya, Jericho and Galilee) and trips to other cultural and historical sites are planned, providing a first-hand view of social, political and religious issues.

Historical and political aspect

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Through lectures and meetings, the program will provide an introduction to the political history of Israel/Palestine, which for centuries has been a crossroads for different peoples and nations. Participants will have the opportunity to rediscover past experiences of coexistence.

Social aspect: charity works and projects

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Participants will be introduced to philanthropic organizations and their social, educational and cultural projects. These encounters will demonstrate the venerable and significant Christian presence in the Middle East, which has always been at the service of the people.

Middle East Community Program 2020

It’s possible to register to the program that will take place from the 20th of August to the 6th of September. Registration closes on the 20th of July!

Click on the image to download the full program 2020 or contact t.cinquina@proterrasancta.org for further information.

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