Training course for teachers

Giacomo Pizzi3 November 2010

“To give a contribution to the Palestinian society to face the delicate issue of disability helping those who wish to be more prepared for this type of work in a context as difficult as the Territories” – this is the objective of the first training course organised by Sami Basha, professor at the University of Hebron, in cooperation with Universita’ Cattolica in Milan and the centre La Nostra Famiglia with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta. “The initiative was born some years ago because, as qualified Christians, we believe we must give our contribution to disability in the Palestinian context, where disability is considered in a very negative way” says professor Basha “Together with some associations and Italian Universities, we have organised a training course on autism in several places in the Palestinian Territories” The number of autistic children is increasing and, as declared by Sami Basha, there is no organization in the Territories to tackle this problem. Italian experts are in Palestine now to inform and train teachers and institutions, on the occasion of the three-day conference in Bethlehem and Hebron. “The objective of training teachers” says Cristina Motta, child neuropsychiatrist of IRCCS E . Medea di Bosisio Parini near Lecco “is to give clear basic information, a basic knowledge to start working with these children”. Helping teachers to understand how to treat an autistic kid and how to intervene no matter the seriousness of the case. “I would like to see a shift from an assisting attitude to a rehabilitation attitude” concludes the expert.


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