Training the trainers: a success for the initiatives of ATS pro Terra Sancta and AVSI to support disability

Giacomo Pizzi26 June 2011

The training course “Managing behaviour problems at school” ended successfully. The course was organized by AVSI in cooperation with ATS pro Terra Sancta, thank to the contribution of the Italian Cooperation for Devolpment and a number of small donors.

The organization of the initiative, part of a wider project aimed at training trainers for disabled children, was made possible with the competences and the deep knowledge of the Palestinian territory of Prof. Sami Basha and the participation of the international expert Prof. Rita Sidoli. The course was held in different Palestinian towns, from Ramallah to Bethlehem, Zababdeh and Hebron, involving more than 150 people, teachers, students and social workers. With lessons and debates, the two experts tackled the central issue of managing disabilities within the school context, giving wide space to the participants’ experience.

Given the success and the importance of the initiative, we hope that these courses will continue in the future, also with the support of our friends and donors.


ATS pro Terra Sancta is committed to addressing the urgent matter of disability in Palestine. A new course about psychomotricity is being taught these days in some towns around Palestine.