Video: the Holy Sepulchre as you have never seen it

Giacomo Pizzi20 March 2020

Come with us to see the Holy Sepulchre as you have never seen it.

The coronavirus emrgency also hit the Holy Land. After the first suspected cases in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, the authorities are moving towards increasingly severe measures. Tourists and pilgrims caonnot  enter the country. Borders where closed first to the Italians and Chinese, then to the whole world. On March 14, 2020, Israel issued a decree that drastically reduced the freedom of movement in the territory. Everyone must stay at home. No more than 10 people can stay in the same place and the safety distance must be maintained. The sanctuaries remain open, but in compliance with the provision.

In the Old City of Jerusalem there is a surreal silence, it seems to be out of time. No more shouting of shopkeepers from the souvenir shops, no more babel of tourist tongues in the streets and no more crowds of pilgrims in line to enter the holy sites. The Holy Sepulcher is empty. We decided to take you to the first tomb of Christianity, the sanctuary that preserves the mountain where Jesus was crucified and the slab where he was laid for three days. This is an exclusive and unique video that we have recorded in these days in order to share it with you in this difficult period. Let us turn in prayer to this place where our true hope was born and is born again today, now and days to come.