Way of the Cross gifted to the Custody of the Holy Land

Giacomo Pizzi26 September 2011

A gift of fourteen works of art has been offered to the Custody of the Holy Land by various Italian artists, with the collaboration of the Commissariat of the Holy Land in the Veneto region.

They will be unveiled on September 21st in Jerusalem during the pilgrimage of groups from Treviso-Martellago to the Holy Land.

Some of the artists will be present at this event that is being coordinated by the artist Giovanni Cremonese.  Mr. Cremonese will be presenting the works of art from an artist’s point of view, explaining their religious significance as tributes to the Holy Land.

The artists and Knights of Saint Sepulchre will be able to get a taste for what goes on in the Holy Land today.  Following a welcome speech by the custodial secretary, brother Silvio de La Fuente, brother Artemio Vitores will discuss the history of the Holy Land and how it exists today and Tommaso Saltini, coordinator for ATS pro Terra Sancta, will present current projects and activities carried out by ATS and discuss future plans.

The meeting will conclude with a short ceremony to bless the works of art that will be exhibited in the entrance hall of the Custodies headquarters.