Medical care and support for elderly people



The Association pro Terra Sanctahas launched a listening center service dedicated to the poor, placing itself at the service of the local community and trying to reach the most fragile sections of the population assisting them from an economic, psychological, educational and sanitarypoint of view. The project aims to guarantee the possibility of medical interventions not covered by public assistance and sometimes for services and treatments not present in the country.

The public health system is always very lacking and presents numerous problems, in particular in terms of the range of services provided and the limited number of health services offered

The intention of the Association, working as much as possible in network with the other social realities operating on the territory, is to support needy families by covering part of the medical expenses. The Association’s listening center has the task of assessing the degree of urgency of the patient requesting help based on the socio-economic vulnerability criteria of the family and the degree of medical emergency. The staff of the listening center also have the task of interfacing with health facilities in the country and in the region. We also provide help with the purchase of drugs, especially for those suffering from chronic diseases.

We also take particular care of the elderly, often in collaboration with other charitable organizations present in the area and live strong management difficulties. In Palestine due to the immigration of so many young people and families, there are numerous cases of abandonment and strong solitude among the elderly.


Assistance for surgical operations
Medical assistance through the supplyof vouchers for the purchase of medicines to large families and elderly in difficulty.
Visits to the elderly alone, to the sick at home and psychological assistance
Daytime canteen support for the elderly and organization of activities (physiotherapy and recreational).


Sick and elderly
Children with disabilities or chronic diseases
Social workers and educators

The story of Nabeela

Nabeela, lives with her family in a modest apartment in Bethlehem; she is the fourth daughter of a painter and a housewife. “We had already asked you for help in sending two of our children to school – explains the father – in this way we were able to get on well … But this year we had to face a new heavy challenge: Nabeela, our 13 years old daughter, was diagnosed a serious eye problem … We had to go to Jordan, to a specialized center, for the operation “. In a case like this, our help has been fundamental. “And it continues to be so” his father tells us, “because Nabeela needs continuous monitoring, so thank you very much!”

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