Preserving the Basilicas in the Holy Land

Israel & Palestine


Together with Rome, Jerusalem is the other great capital of Christianity. In Jerusalem Jesus of Nazareth died on Mount Calvary The empty Sepulcher of Jerusalem, enclosed in the basilica that also houses the place of the crucifixion, is one of the greatest signs that the events of these centuries have left us until today. But the whole of the Holy Land is full of sanctuaries that somehow recall the places touched and sanctified by Christ. They were venerated first by the disciples and then by all Christians, by the pilgrims and by the ancestors of those who today populate these lands. In all, there are more than thirty churches scattered in Israel and the West Bank that retrace the steps of the gospels. Calvary, Gethsemane, Mount Tabor; and again Bethlehem, Sefforis, Bethany: they are privileged places for all those Christians who wish to express their devotion to the God who became a child in Bethlehem, to the young carpenter from Nazareth, to the charismatic preacher of Galilee and to the redeemer resurrected from the Sepulcher, precisely from that tomb that today – thank goodness – it is empty.

Association Pro Terra Sancta is committed to supporting the friars in the conservation work of these places and to accompanying schools to make the local population aware of their cultural heritage.


  • Support for the maintainance of the Sanctuaries
  • Restoration of the basilicas in the Holy Land
  • Promotion of cultural heritage 


  • Pilgrims and visitors
  • Local communities


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