Magnificat, notes of peace in the Holy City



In 1995 the Custody of the Holy Land founded the Magnificat, a musical institution in Jerusalem that today welcomes many children and young people among Christians, Muslims and Jews. In the context of Jerusalem, learning music represents a valid alternative to youth abandonment and therefore to the street, organized crime and drug dealing which is rampant in the Old City.

The Magnificat Institute therefore places itself as a place of prevention against all the current evils, which put youth society in serious danger, and of growth starting from childhood to adulthood. Furthermore, this school represents a place of encounter, of continuous dialogue, of peaceful coexistence, of human and social promotion among boys and families of different cultural and religious backgrounds. It is also one of the very few realities in the Holy Land where Christians, Muslims and Jews work together united by the universal language of music.

The association promotes campaigns to support training activities, to acquire tools and to organize musical events organized in the Holy Land and aimed at meeting all local communities, without distinction of race, culture and religion.

The story


Support for teacher and student training by offering job opportunities.


Christian, Jewish and Muslim children and teens in and around Jerusalem.

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