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The Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land, with the Association pro Terra Sancta and Studium Biblicum Franciscanum have been working for some years on the set up of the Terra Sancta Museum, the first museum in the world on the roots of Christianity and the preservation of the Holy Places.

The museum, located in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, will be divided into three sections: a multimedia show opened in February 2016, an archaeological one and a historic one. Precisely in the Holy City Association pro Terra Sancta wishes to enhance the Holy Places and deepen the knowledge of the life of the son of God on earth through unique archaeological and artistic collections that tell the story of the Christian presence in the Holy Land. The Terra Sancta Museum aims to be a dynamic center open to visitors of every culture and religion to encourage mutual understanding, respect and encounter. A place where Jews, Muslims and Christians, aware of the universal breath of Jerusalem, will be able to meet from a common history.


Construction of three museum sections within the Old Town: multimedia (in operation since 2016), archaeological and historical.
Educational tours for children and young people whose aim is to make the common historical and cultural heritage known and to educate to interaction and dialogue.
Promotion and management of cultural activities


Visitors to Jerusalem
Workers, artisans and restorers involved in conservation
Students and teachers of the Jerusalem schools
Local, Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities

The story

“We want to return to the Terra Sancta Museum!” Al Nur school students continually repeat it for children with learning difficulties, at the end of the visit to the Multimedia section of the Terra Sancta Museum. And they insist so much that the school will have to come back a second time, soon, even though they haven’t planned it. The initiative, which involves two Muslim schools in Jerusalem, is really having a great success. Even the girls of Al Tur school are in fact very attentive to the explanation, while they wander among the cloisters of the Convent of the Flagellation. After all they are knowing their history, a heritage that belongs to them and of which they knew nothing. They didn’t know you could come and visit a museum on the history of Jerusalem and the roots of Christianity, in the place where tradition places the condemnation of Christ. They didn’t know it, but they remain fascinated. And don’t miss a minute of the movie that tells the story of the Holy City. Also of wars for certain power, of conflicts that still exist. Who knows if these guys realize that their being there, their openness to learning, is the first step in response to these conflicts. The first move towards the construction of a new Jerusalem, which as the video says, means “Vision of peace”.


Because this is the purpose of the project, managed by the Mosaic Center in cooperation with the Association pro Terra Sancta and in collaboration with the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum. With this initiative we want to let our children know their story, but above all we want to educate them about openness and confrontation to build bridges of friendship, to build together. And the first to know are surely their teachers, whom we must thank. So while around conflicts and divisions are accentuated, the boys continue to repeat “We want to go back to see the museum! We want to go back to seeing the museum!”, to know oneself first of all, and the others.


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