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​Amman is the capital and the most populated city of Jordan, consisting of 14 hills. Originally it was called Rabbat Ammon and in the 3rd century B.C. it was called Philadelphia. In 1922 it was chosen as the capital of Transjordan and it still is today under the kingdom of Jordan, founded in 1950. 10% of the inhabitants are Christians.

In Amman Association pro Terra Sancta launched in 2017 a project to support Iraqi refugees through education, job training and social inclusion. The Association is creating micro-enterprise activities for women in need and regularly welcomes new families of refugees through the supply of basic necessities. The Association also guarantees an education for poor local children and refugees children.


  • Support to the education of young people
  • Activities for women’s micro businesses


  • Poor families.
  • Students and children in need.
  • Unemployed women.


Umm George, Armenian, is a seventy-year-old Iraqi woman who ran away from the war in the 1990s to treat her husband who was injured during the first Gulf War. She was widowed while in Jordan and without the economic possibility of returning to Iraq, she was joined by her daughter, with her husband and two children, who were also forced to leave Mosul under the threat of ISIS.


All five of them live in two rooms, in Amman, in less than 70 square meters in all, without proper documents to work. That of Umm George is one of the stories of Christians today refugees in Jordan, helped by Association pro Terra Sancta – with the contribution of Caritas Antoniana – in finding accommodation and hope for the future.

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