Where Moses contemplated the Promised

Jordan/Mt. Nebo


A few kilometers away from the ancient city of Madaba stands Mount Nebo. An important episode of the Old Testament took place on this spot. Moses, who was forbidden to set foot in the Promised Land, could only contemplate it from here. The Lord said to him: “Go up to this mountain of the Abarim and contemplate the land that I give to the Israelites. When you have seen it, you too will be reunited with your ancestors”. In 1932 the Franciscans succeeded in acquiring ownership of the top, and over the years began a series of lucky excavations that led to surprising discoveries. Religious site of great interest also for Jews and Muslims, it was visited in 2000 by John Paul II and in 2009 by Benedict XVI. In 2017 the new memorial of Moses was inaugurated.

For several years, thanks to this project, some support actions have been provided to the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land residing in Jordan to facilitate the development of important projects for the conservation and enhancement of the complex archaeological site, today one of the most important and evocative Places of the whole Holy Land that accompanies the numerous pilgrims to meditate on important passages and figures, of the Old Testament, first of all that of Moses.


  • Support for site conservation projects
  • Training of local workers and artisans
  • Development of historical and artistic content and tools for site visitors.


  • Pilgrims and visitors
  • The local community
  • Workers and craftsmen


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