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Aleppo is one of the cities that was most affected by the Syrian conflict and today 70% of it is destroyed. The city, in fact, has been the center of clashes between government forces and the opposition for almost two years. The city was divided in two during the conflict and the border between the two counterparts crossed the center of it. For this reason most of the center was destroyed by bombing. Most of the neighborhoods are flooded with debris, without electricity and water and the standing buildings are unstable and unsafe. Thousands of families are therefore homeless.

Soon after the end of fighting in the city in January 2017 we started the reconstruction of homes and buildings to allow families to have a safe place to live and be able to start over again.Which still is our priority. 


  • Support for the renovation of houses destroyed during the war
  • Training of workers and technicians


  • Young and more numerous families
  • Engineers, architects, workers involved in the work.

The fate of Riad and Sara

Riad was a medical laboratory scientist in Idlib and everyday he took samples and examined the blood of hundreds of people. One day, however, something happened, something that would change his life forever: he met Sara. Sara arrived at the center like everyone else, she was sick and needed a blood test. Riad and Sara immediately fell in love with each other. 


It was 2008. At the time neither Riad nor Sara would have believed what would have happened soon after that. But it happened. It happened that Idlib was invaded by the jihadists of Al-Nusra. It happened that Riad’s father was kidnapped by the rebels and then released after they paid a heavy ransom. And it happened that Riad and Sara had to flee from Idlib because they were Christians. They moved to Aleppo and wanted to get married, but it was not yet time. In fact Riad was called for military service in Damascus. He didn’t want to fight, nobody would like to, but he was forced. The experience did not last long, however, because fate wanted him and Sara to be together: he was hit and seriously injured by a mortar. With his body full of scars and his heart full of suffering because of the ongoing tragedy, Riad then returned to Sara with the hope to get married soon. But he needed to find a house and neither he nor his girlfriend had a chance to buy one. And then, in that Aleppo torn by mortars, it was difficult to find a standig one. Meanwhile, something unexpected happened. George’s house was half destroyed. George was a member of the Latin community in Aleppo who couldn’t stand it any more, he couldn’t stand to always be on the “who goes there”. Every morning he woke up with the sound of bombs and everyday he watched them fall like rain hoping he would never be hit. When his house was hit one day he decided to leave since he had found a way to go abroad. He went to Fr. Ibrahim and told him: “My house is half destroyed, but it can be repaired. I do not need it beacuse I’m living, I will give it to you until I return. You can repair it and do what you want, give it to whoever you want. If I come back I will ask it back, otherwise you can keep it “. The house was restored and today Riad and Sara live in it. They have been married for inly a month and have also welcomed her younger sister who is attending university. When we meet them they can’t stop smiling: “Despite everything – Riad says – we have to be gratful because we received many gifts. If after all this we are still together, it means that it is our destiny. We are really lucky and we look forward to working hard to rebuild this city “.

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