Support for deaf and children with disabilities



From 2017 we support the only school for deaf and dumb children in Aleppo, the Ecole d’Habilitation et d’ Initiation pour le Sourds (EHIS), covering part of the management and maintenance costs. The school is located near the Franciscan convent of Er-Ram and has 55 students between 6 and 15 years old. By attending the EHIS, these children have the opportunity to complete their education up to third grade following the official program required by the Ministry of Education. Lessons are always conducted by two teachers, one of whom uses sign language. Furthermore, children are assisted both psychologically and physically. In addition to children, parents are accompanied. The teachers, in fact, regularly meet with them and with the health personnel to monitor the growth of the child and share the responsibility for its formation.


Support for maintenance and management of the deaf-and-dumb school.
Di Training of disabled children with learning difficulties
Alle Help for families with children in difficulty


Disabled children and families
Local employees

Lina’s story

Lina is a young focolarina and mother of a deaf-mute boy. Before the war he was shuttled from Lebanon to Syria to learn sign language. He taught his son that “today he is graduating with full marks at the University”, he confides with pride. Some friends helped her to open a center, which a few years ago could accommodate six or seven children. “When the Syrian conflict showed its true face, the only deaf-mute center wanted by the government closed, to make room for a prison. “Within a few weeks, 400 kids found themselves on the street, with no chance of studying or having a future.


“I took more than forty with me, seven are Christians and all other Muslims. They come to study here (the center is near the border line with the territories of the Islamists) every day, from morning until evening”. And a hot dish, of course, never fails. Lina never speaks of Jesus to these boys, but it happens that some Muslim parents occasionally go to “peek” religious services in the Franciscan parish, to see who these “strange Christians” are. “Sometimes we see them in church, attentive, almost absorbed in prayer. They wonder who we are, why we help everyone”.

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