The emergency centre



Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the Association pro Terra Sancta has created and developed an emergency centre in Aleppo that supports the primary needs of the population. In coordination with the parish of St. Francis, we have started regular distribution of food, water, medicines and purchase vouchers for diesel (fundamental to obtain electricity and heating) to about 6,000 families every month. In addition to basic needs, we also distribute clothes, detergents, hygiene products, diapers and powdered milk for children to the poorest families.


  • Support to the primary needs of the population of Aleppo.


  • The families in Aleppo

The History of Amir and Fatima

Amir and Fatima moved with their 4 children to Aleppo (where their relatives also live) six years ago, after their home in Homs was completely destroyed by a bombing. When the house collapsed Amir remained under the rubble for hours and his family thought he was dead. When he was set free, Amir was still breathing but he inevitably suffered serious injuries.


His father remained blind and deaf and underwent a delicate plastic surgery to rebuild his right cheek. The eldest children, Abdallah and Nur, study at the university and work every afternoon to pay for their studies. Nur is engaged to a soldier who can only see once every 3 months. The younger daughter, Fatin, still attends high school and the last child, Hamza is 10 but has severe mental illness and remains completely dependent on her mother. Fatima is the only one who works for the support of the family, takes care of her bedridden husband and her youngest son despite having suffered serious injuries herself during the collapse of their home. Fatima has lost her sight in one eye and her nervous system is damaged by a splinter that hit her hip. From the emergency centre they receive a food package and vouchers to buy the many medicines that the husband and youngest child must take.

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