A book to tell the children of Sabastiya the story of their hometown

Giacomo Pizzi30 November 2012

Beautiful watercolours by Sandra Borgogno, an ATS pro Terra Sancta volunteer, and words by Osama Hamdan, Carla Benelli and Wala Ghazi, who also collaborate with ATS pro Terra Sancta, in a book written for the children of Sabastiya, telling the story of their village in an illustrated version.

Fun, playful characters, who come out of the suitcase of two clowns, wander round the streets of Sabastiya by night. They visit all the important places in the long history of the town and piece together its glorious past.

The book was put together thanks to the contributions of ATS pro Terra Sancta, the Italian consulate’s Palestinian Municipalities Support Programme, the Fondazione Cariplo, the Regione Lombardia (Italy), the Mosaic Centre – Jericho, the township of Sabastiya, the Ministry for Local Government and the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism

The picture book will be handed out to the families of Sabastiya, as well as all schools in the region.