May 2013

A husband and wife’s gesture to help the parish of Jericho

They learned about the situation facing the Parish of the Good Shepherd in Jericho during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and decided, on the occasion of their wedding, to make an offering in support of the initiatives of the Franciscans in Jericho. Along with the traditional wedding comfits they gave a bookmark explaining their act and inviting others to follow suit. They are young newlyweds from Milan, who wrote to us:

“We also had the good fortune to give comfits and two bookmarks to His Holiness Pope Francis, who very much appreciated the gift, on the occasion of the General Audience the 1st of May.”

A wonderful gesture of solidarity, on a very special day! Our best wishes to these newlyweds!

Other friends, formers volunteers in the Holy Land who will be married in the coming months, have decided to ask us for help in producing their “favors solidarity” (wedding favors whose purchase benefits a charitable cause): simple objects coming from the Holy Land, along with a card telling of their gesture and the the works they have chosen to support through their donation. Soon there will be a page on our site dedicated to favors solidarity!

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