February 2013

A little present from Marseilles for the families at the Christian quarter in Jerusalem

The families at the Christian quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem are opening the doors of their houses to receive an unexpected present, a token of friendship that is coming from far away.

A friend pro Terra Sancta, apart from offering specific support to the ATS pro Terra Sancta projects, also wanted to offer a  small donation for the local families. Therefore he has sent us, together with a beautiful letter, a series of images of Our Lady of Marseilles, his city. Notre Dame de la Garde has thus entered the homes of the Christians in Jerusalem, the same ones who are visited and helped by the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land through the project “Jerusalem, the Stones of Memory”.

In their name, we would like to thank Bruno and all the benefactors and friends pro Terra Sancta that, thanks to small or big gestures, show their proximity to these “Living Stones” and to the Holy City.

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