A new life for Nain, a small village in Galilee

Giacomo Pizzi12 July 2013

A small church, in a village just a few kilometers from Nazareth and Mount Tabor, commemorates the episode of the Widow of Nain, recounted in the Gospel of Luke, in which Jesus brought her son back to life. Today the church, which belongs to the Custody of the Holy Land and had previously been abandoned and unsafe, has been completely restored thanks to the intervention of the Custody and the support of a number of donors, both large and small.

On 7 July, in the presence of the Custos, father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, numerous friars, pilgrims and inhabitants of the village, the church was inaugurated and reopened to visitors, who once again are able to commemorate in this Place the miracle carried out by Jesus in Nain. With the aim of bringing back to life this Holy Place, in a village that today is completely Muslim, the Custody of the Holy Land is planning to build a small convent near the church to house the Sisters of the Incarnate Word.

ATS pro Terra Sancta continues to support the Custody of the Holy Land in its efforts to preserve the Holy Places so that they will continue to be accessible to the countless pilgrims who come to retrace the footsteps of Jesus in this land. Everyone can become involved in this great work to preserve and enhance the the Holy Places, even with a small contribution!