A new logo to start over again together

Giacomo Pizzi1 May 2020

Dear friends, today there’s an important news. ATS pro Terra Sancta changes its logo and simply becomes Pro Terra Sancta, the famous Latin expression created by the popes to support the land of Jesus. The proliferation of the acronym ATS, especially during this period, has led us to make this decision, and the logo you see here is the fruit of our work.

With these three short words we want to reaffirm a universal expression that is comprehensible to everyone (from which our international vocation also derives). “Pro”, that is, in support. “Terra”, to indicate the fundamental link with the places we preserve. “Sancta”, to indicate the uniqueness of a place where the roots of our faith are rooted. But it is only the logo that changes. The Associazione also remains so as a legal entity.

We are always the same as before: committed to being a bond between us and you, at the service of all and for the good of the world.