ATS pro Terra Sancta

ATS pro Terra Sancta is the non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) serving the Custody of the Holy Land, present wherever there are Franciscan friars in the Middle East.

The projects of Association pro Terra Sancta are aimed at providing support and training for the Christian communities, preserving and enhancing the Holy Places, and carrying humanitarian aid to those in need in the Holy Land.

The activities of ATS pro Terra Sancta are based on the method of encounter with the other, regardless of religious affiliation, social condition and ethnic origin. The Holy Places are the origin of our faith and our culture; this is why we wish to offer everyone the opportunity to cooperate with us to safeguard them, keeping the Christian memory in the Holy Land alive.

To help means to cherish, to love, to remember and to live a lasting bond with the Holy Land.

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