Association pro Terra Sancta is a non-governmental organization that operates in the context of cooperation for developement and international solidarity and realizes its social goals thanks to the work of its own governing bodies which are:

  • GENERAL ASSEMBLY deliberates on the program and activities of the Association, appoints the members of the various corporate bodies, and takes decision on the issues to be brought to the attention of the President and Executive Council.
  • EXECUTIVE COUNCIL responsible for administration of the Association, and formulates views and proposals concerning the activities.
  • PRESIDENT pro tempore is the Custos of the Holy Land – directs and coordinates the work of the General Assembly and Executive Council, has the task of implementing the objectives of the Association and ensuring that they are met.
  • SECRETARY GENERAL assists the President and ensures the functioning of the organs of the Association, draws up and signs the minutes
  • DIRECTOR GENERAL in charge of operational and financial activities.
  • AUDITOR oversees the administrative and financial management and certificate the financial statements on the basis of Legislative Decree 39/2010 art. 14, of 27 January 2010
  • SUPERVISORY BODY the Supervisory Body monitors compliance with the law, the statute and the principles of proper administration on the basis of Legislative Decree 117/2017 art.30, Third Sector code


At the beginning of 2013 the Council of Supporters of the Association pro Terra Sancta was established. This is an advisory body outside the framework of the organization which seeks to group toghether an increasing number of people with experience, to foster a lasting bond with the Holy Land. The Council members are called to give advice and suggestions that might help to make known the objectives of the Association and to promote priorities and projects.