Resuming restoration and restructuring work in Sebastia

Giacomo Pizzi10 September 2010

In Sebastia, the city founded by Herod the Great on the site of ancient Samaria, work is continuing.

Pro Terra Sancta, the non-profit in support of the Custody of the Holy Land, which, for several years, has carried out restoration work in the historic centre and trained the local population, will enlarge the existing guesthouse creating new rooms from space which has been cleaned and restored. A great opportunity to find a cheap accommodation in the heart of Sebastia.

The guesthouse, open to the public thanks to the work of ATS Pro Terra Sancta and the contribution and support of private and institutional donors, will, in future, be able to welcome a greater number of tourists and pilgrims, offering them the opportunity to stay overnight in a building in the historic centre.

In fact, the ‘Sebastiya’ project aims not only to restore and conserve this part of the Holy Land but also to support the economy of the village. The objective of ATS Pro Terra Sancta is to restore the historic centre in order to return it to the community and to the pilgrims who, one hopes, will be able to return in great numbers to visit this important part of the Holy Land. They could stay, for example, in the newly extended guest house.


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