November 2012

“At Christmas Time a Return to the Beginning”: the fund-raising campaign in favor of Bethlehem is returning

For the fourth year in succession, ATS pro Terra is launching a Christmas fund-raising campaign in support of Bethlehem and the needs of the poorest there!

The campaign is entitled “At Christmas Time a Return to the Beginning”: an initiative in which everyone is invited to support the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land and their works to aid the most fragile amongst the living stones of Bethlehem: children, young families and the elderly.

ATS pro Terra Sancta’s projects in Bethlehem:

BETHLEHEM AND THE CHILDREN OF THE HOLY LAND: in a social context that is frequently difficult, this project aims to confront the educational and health emergency, providing children from poor families and those suffering from disabilities or learning difficulties with the opportunity for personal growth and social inclusion.

BETHLEHEM IS ALSO FOR THE ELDERLY: Supporting the efforts of the Gianelline Sisters of the Società Antoniana in Bethlehem, ATS pro Terra Sancta seeks to help meet the needs of the elderly, who often have been left to their own devices and effectively ignored by a social system that fails to provide adequate health care.

How you can participate

Leave it to your imagination! Each year, to raise funds, large numbers of Friends of the Holy Land organize “solidarity” dinners, concerts to support the Holy Land, meetings devoted to the theme of Bethlehem, school fairs, simple collections in support of the needy of Bethlehem…

For businesses, this year it is now possible to replace their traditional company gifts with a gesture of solidarity towards the Holy Land: by purchasing our greeting cards, calendars and personalized bookmarks they can reinforce their company’s Social Responsibility while providing a concrete gesture of support to the people of Bethlehem.

Finally, we invite everyone to distribute information about the Christmas Campaign throughout parishes and to associations and groups of friends: a poster and fact sheet are provided as attachments.

To keep yourself up-to-date and to tell us about your initiatives

ATS pro Terra Sancta is also launching its Christmas Campaign on Facebook, involving all its friends in an event symbolically scheduled for 25 December 2012. From now until Christmas, you can participate in this event, view the photos and the updates for the Bethlehem projects, tell us about your initiatives in support of the Christmas Campaign, and interact with other Friends of the Holy Land.

And this year a new feature: The Sun offers an exceptional endorsement for the Christmas Campaign

The Italian rock band “The Sun”, which has strong links to Bethlehem and the Holy Land, will be the face of this year’s Christmas Campaign. Having been in close contact with the Bethlehem community during its visit in October 2012, the band let it be known that it would be happy to make itself available to give voice to those who are the weakest – the children, young families and elderly of Bethlehem.


In attachment the Christmas Campaign 2012 Presse Release!

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