October 2011







the Custody of the Holy Land

in Bethlehem


Your contribution can help

the franciscan friars of the Holy Land

to meet the needs of children,

young families, the elderly.


This Christmas

please support their efforts

to build peace in this land

that is the crossroads of love

for humanity.



Children and families of Bethlehem

Children, young people and families: these are the categories suffering the most from the difficult political and economic situation in which Bethlehem finds itself. The franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land are working to aid the population, and seek to respond to the most immediate needs of the weakest elements, in particular those arising from the lack of public health care.


Bethlehem is also for the elderly

At one time the elderly played a fundamental role in family and society, but in Bethlehem, too, culture and family traditions are changing rapidly. Abandoned by a State that is unable to care for them, they have become one of the weakest elements in society. The franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, together with the Antonian Charitable Society, are supporting the activities of the Gianelline Sisters and their efforts to assist the elderly in Bethlehem.



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