Bethlehem: start of the course to sensitize students, parents and teachers on good posture

Giacomo Pizzi15 September 2011

This morning marked the start of the course on good posture entitled “Promoting healthy behaviors: the correct posture to be adopted in school” at the Terra Santa Girls School “Sister of St. Joseph” in Bethlehem. The project is supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta and has been promoted as part of the project “Supporting emergency education in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories” financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE 9226/AVSI/TOC) in collaboration with the AVSI Foundation.

The course is being presented by Sa’adeh Sahouri, a doctor in physiotherapy who is an instructor at Bethlehem University. It is directed at the 70 fifth grade students at the girls school, who will be offered four lessons during school hours in order that they may learn how important it is to maintain correct posture while seated in school, how to manage the weight of their school bags, and also how to make best use of lighting in the classroom.

The course will conclude with two lessons for the parents of the fifth grade students and for all of the teachers at the Terra Santa Girls School, in order that they too may become sensitized to these important issues.

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