Bombs in Idlib and Aleppo. Fr. Hanna’s appeal: “pray for Syria. Help us!”

Giacomo Pizzi17 February 2020

There is still war in northern Syria, where there is a constant fight in the province of Idlib and at the gates of Aleppo. More than 400,000 displaced people in the cold under the snow, without food or water. We publish the appeal of the friars in the region.

The ground in Idlib trembles, people flee and the cries of those who have nothing left, get lost in the snow. Yes, because it has been snowing for days in the province of Idlib, in northern Syria, and bombs fall incessantly. In fact, the offensive of the government and Russian army against jihadist militias to free the M5 highway from Damascus to Aleppo has intensified for some weeks.

“Please and I beg you to pray also for our peace, for our homeland and for our area. We are in human tragedy ”Thus between Hanna Jallouf, a Franciscan in Knaye and Yacoubieh, two villages in the Idlib province under jihadist domination, in his video message addressed to the Holy Father and to all those gathered for the meeting on the peace of the bishops of the Mediterranean where asks for prayers and help. Aid in particular for the more than 400,000 displaced persons isolated in the cold and in the snow, without food or water. Men, women and children who flee to save their lives, but who at the moment, he adds “are without a future, poor people!”.

“Holiness Pray for peace in Syria; I pray and beg you to pray also for our peace, for our homeland and for our area [the Idlib province], because there are so many refugees and so many refugees without a roof and without food. We are in human misery ”.
Fra Hanna Jallouf
To the appeal of Fra Hanna is also added the Franciscan Minister of the Region of San Paolo, Fra Firas Lutfi, who says he is very worried on the phone: “A strong destabilization returns even at the gates of the martyred city of Aleppo, in the area bordering the province of Idlib, where heavy bombing is taking place to clear the area. Here too, terror has returned, we do not sleep at night and people are always on the alert ”. “On the one hand, however,” adds the friar, “there is a glimmer, because following this offensive, hope is given for definitive calm; on the other hand, however, there is a concern about any further intervention by the Turkish army, repercussions by the fleeing rebels, on our communities and on the current social situation. Help us! “.

Unfortunately, the situation is serious, and the more time passes, the more the war affects families who are increasingly poor due to the heavy inflation: 1 dollar went from 45 Syrian pounds before the conflict to 1000. Who could have fled, but who could despite strong perseverance and commitment, it remains difficult to see hope. This is why we at Pro Terra Sancta want to intensify our commitment in this moment of new particular trial and together with fra Hanna and fra Firas we ask you to support Syria.