Bombs and missiles hit the Terre Sainte College!

Giacomo Pizzi22 May 2016

The Terre Sainte College in Aleppo, supported by the Association pro Terra Sancta, was hit on the evening of May 21, by jihadist missiles. An elderly woman died and two others were seriously injured. The place hosts about 20 elederly women in total.

Father Firas Lutfi, the Franciscan superior of the College, writes:

At about six in the evening the Terre Sainte College was hit by several missiles.  The college is a dear place for many people in Aleppo, especially for the families that arrive here every day to take a breath of clean air and to recover from the ongoing conflict. An elderly woman was killed… Two other were seriously injured! The other twenty women living in the Convent, are now shocked after their nursing house was bombed about a year ago. Now we do not know either how or where to place them.  There are no more safe places in Aleppo anymore. May the Lord have mercy on us and bless us with His Peace… Father Eduardo [another brother who lives with father Firas] and I are praying for the deceased and for all the innocent people who are victims of the hateful conflict in Syria… we would like you to join our prayer, so that instead of hatred, peace and love will reign once more!”

The structure is property of the Custody of the Holy Land and it houses many people who now find themselves without a place where go to.

Association pro Terra Sancta supports the friars in Aleppo and will continue to support the college, the elderly who live there and all those who in these years have been welcomed by the Franciscans.