In Bethlehem Christmas is at home

With the end of the restrictions, Bethlehem is even poorer. Before the pandemic, rivers of pilgrims and tourists poured into the city where Jesus was born.

Today Bethlehem is still empty and many no longer see prospects for the future.

We cannot allow it, so we also ask you to support the people of Bethlehem tried by poverty and unemployment!

Christmas in the activities of Pro Terra Sancta in Bethlehem. Watch the beautiful video!

This is what we do in the city where Jesus was born, also thanks to your help!

Knaye and Yacoubieh children

for children and young people.

Bethlehem masks

for women, young people and families.


for the sick and the elderly.

LIVE: Advent in Bethlehem

Sunday 05 December 2021

Come to Bethlehem with us to discover how the town is preparing for Christmas. We’ll be guided by Vincenzo Bellomo, Project Manager in Pro Terra Sancta, Bethlehem.

Due to restrictions, Bethlehem is even poorer today. Help the town of Jesus!

In Bethlehem Christmas is at Home

Support Pro Terra Sancta projects in Bethlehem


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