Part of the History of the Holy Land Forever

Also this year, the 2023 Book of Benefactors was handed over to the Custos by the Director General of Pro Terra Sancta Association. Become part of the History of the Holy Land and make the bound with this place special and stronger!

The Book of Benefactors

You are part of a thousand-year history. Already the first Christian communities and then princes, dukes and queens have contributed to the work of safeguarding the places and Christian communities in the Holy Land.

Your name will appear alongside many great and small in history who in some way have participated in the mission of peace that we carry out every day as an Association.

Keeper Patton

The Book of Benefactors, in addition to being a tool for reporting and acknowledging those who have supported and continue to support the places and people of the Holy Land during the year, is also an important sign that has its roots in an ancient history and tradition.


Since the time of St. Paul, the important support of the first communities for the Mother Church of Jerusalem, responsible for the custody of the physical memory of the places linked to Jesus, is documented. This commitment allowed Byzantine Christians to erect sanctuaries such as the Holy Sepulchre and the Basilica of the Nativity during the time of Constantine.

The situation remained unchanged until the arrival of the first Franciscans in 1217, who progressively took over the custody of the Holy Places in an increasingly structured way.

terra santa luoghi santi
luoghi santi betlemme

Every March, after being handed over to the Custos, the book is deposited in the archives of the Custody of the Holy Land at the Convent of St. Saviour in the Old City in Jerusalem. The archive contains the names of those who over the centuries have linked their name to this land , supporting the places, the people and the faith of all Christianity.

Keeper Patton in the archive
Libro benefattori EN

Forever in History

Together with the Custos of the Holy Land, Br. Francesco Patton, we entered the archives of the Custody at the Convent of St. Saviour in the Old City in Jerusalem and deposited the Book of Benefactors 2023.


The history of the Holy Land!

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The Voice

Of those who have made history

Read the testimonies of the Friends of the Holy Land, those who have allowed us to continue our work of preserving cultural heritage, assisting the populations and the local community, and intervening in humanitarian emergencies.


Make this bond strong and lasting

They have become part of the history of the Holy Land and are remembered every day in the prayers of the Franciscans, secular custodians of the Places of Christ. Write your name in history!