11 years of war

15th March 2011 – 15th March 2022

#SYRIA: After 11 years, is there nothing left among the ruins?

syria child


May the madness of the war come to an end!

Today marks the terrible anniversary of the war in Syria, an often forgotten war, that has been going on for far too long. Where the bombings didn’t make it, poverty, hunger, and the darkest despair make their way.  

Focused on the terrible events that are occurring in these days in Ukraine, we want to recall this anniversary by stating with even greater strength: “May the madness of the war come to an end!”

Children are those who suffer the most the consequences of these 11 years of consuming conflict. We can see it through their paintings…

syria drawings children

syria drawings children
syria drawings children


Is there is nothing left?

The testimonies of those who, in Syria, have begun to walk again: little steps through the rubble.

war anniversary testimonies

“Now I’m ready to look at life from a new perspective”

war anniversary testimonies

“I found my second home, I have hope for the future”

war anniversary testimonies

“Today I have the courage to start again, get involved and study”


the stories of those who have found hope again

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syria witness
syria youngsters witness
syria witness
syria evidence


the urgent appeal from Father Hanna Jallouf

Listen Father Hanna’s testimony from Idlib, where we work every day in support of local Christian communities and the families who are the most in need.

Click con the video down below (english subtitles availables)

padre hanna


through the rubble of Syria

After eleven years the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Our first-aid and assistance activities, in what has been one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time, do not stop there! Support our projects and help us to give back a future to Syria!


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