Syria, without heating or electricity to face the winter

For several days, the temperatures in Damascus have been worsening, continuing to progressively lower and forcing the local population to the dangers of cold. This situation is having a dramatic impact on many families who find themselves living without the electricity or heating necessary to heat the house and the sanitary water, turn on the stove to cook and store food in the refrigerator.

Syria: cold and frost without heating

After ten years of conflict, electricity in Syria is only available for two or three hours a day. The Syrian government has announced the removal of subsidies needed to purchase basic goods, such as bread, rice, sugar, oil, gas and heating fuel.

Living condition get worse everyday


There is no light nor hope in the rubble of Syria

… And now the darkness

In Syria, electricity is available for 2 hours a day only, for the
rest of the time everything is dark. With diesel prices soaring, in fact, families cannot afford to turn on electric generators or heating.

Let’s rekindle hope together

The only possible intervention to guarantee long-term help is the installation of systems with solar panels that make families autonomous in terms of energy. For this reason, our goal is to provide them with a system with two solar panels, one photovoltaic and the other thermal, to ensure a constant and free supply of electricity and hot water.


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