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The Friends of the Holy Land have a special place in the heart of Jerusalem

The Book of Benefactors

Write your name in the Book of benefactors, kept in the historical archive of the custody of the Holy Land, in the heart of Jerusalem.

il tuo nome nella storia libro benefattori

of the Holy Land

The Book of benefactors of 2021 was delivered by the Director General of association Pro Terra Sancta to the Custos of the Holy Land. To the side the ceremony of delivery. Make the bond with the Holy Land even stronger:

The Book of benefactors is a precious volume containing the names of all those who in some way contributed to the projects and works of pro Terra Sancta. After being delivered to the Custos, the book was deposited annually in the archives of the custody of the Holy Land at the The convent of San Salvatore in the heart of Jerusale, together with all those who have their name attached to this land.

They have become part of the history of the Holy Land and are remembered every day in the prayers of the Franciscans, secular Guardians of the places of Christ.

Support the Holy Land and make this bond even stronger and lasting

holy sepulcher
h sepulcher
jerusalem sepulcher

Write your name in the History

Unfortunately, today, there is still a lot that needs to be done to help many fragile people, to rebuild, reconcileand continue to spread a message of peace in a world crossed by tensions and conflicts. In order to continue the work of preserving shrines, assisting people in need and helping emergencies in the Middle East, we need friends to support us in this work, especially in this time of general emergency.

With a regular donation you allow us to guarantee greater continuity to all activities and to plan with serenity the most demanding interventions in the Middle East.

Write your name in history!



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