Co-existence proposals from the Middle East: the subscriptions to the Middle East Community Program are open!

Giacomo Pizzi10 March 2017

Examples of co-existence, while everywhere in the Middle East never-ending conflicts destroy everything. Excursions between Israel and Palestine, to discover a millenary heritage that belongs to all humanity. Lectures to explain what is going on a few steps from Europe, where our civilization is rooted.

This is what the “Middle East Community Program” is all about: a unique program for University students that will take place from August 24th to September 10th, based in Bethlehem, the cradle of Christianity.

A busy schedule of meetings and tours proposed to approach this complicated international environment in the most efficient way. The starting point will be the knowledge of the land that, for various political implications, for the richness of its history and its unique places, is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Therefore there will be several fieldtrips of cultural and social value.

Finally, the program proposes visits to charitable, social, educational and cultural works. The meeting with these initiatives is designed not only to discover the importance of the ancient and articulated Christian presence in the Middle East, but also to meet people and stories that are a concrete example of meeting and coexistence.

In a historical moment that is so delicate, due to the great migration of peoples from these lands to Europe because of war, the Association pro Terra Sancta in collaboration with the Catholic University, wants to present situations of coexistence that are possible between different peoples, cultures and religions.

These examples of coexistence never come from an ideology or ideal models, but are existing realities, people, works and social projects. All of this becomes possible in the Land which God has chosen to meet the man himself.

Download the program here!