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Dar Al Majus community home – Pro Terra Sancta

Dar Al Majus community home – Pro Terra Sancta

Pro Terra Sancta
Dar Al Majus community home – Pro Terra Sancta

Dar Al Majus Community Home

The house of Pro Terra Sancta in Bethlehem

"Dar Al Majus" in Arabic means The House of the Three Kings, and the center bears this name both for its central location in Bethlehem, a few steps from the Basilica of the Nativity, on Star Street (Via della Stella), which according to tradition was traveled by the Magi visiting Jesus; and for the purpose with which the center was born: to give Bethlehem a unique place of assistance and culture and at the same time to give visiting pilgrims a place of encounter with the living reality of the city where Jesus was born.


Pro Terra Sancta

Pro Terra Sancta is a network that promotes and implements projects for the conservation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, support for local communities and aid in humanitarian emergencies .

The Holy Land is the center of the world, a crossroads of people, religions and cultures. It is the land where all peoples have their roots. Participating in the work pro Terra Sancta means loving the Holy Land in places and people, it means living a lasting bond with the Holy Places and the ancient Christian communities.

Pro Terra Sancta operates in the Middle East, mainly where the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land are present, in the places at the origin of the Christian faith and alongside the local communities.


Pro Terra Sancta projects in Bethlehem

Pro Terra Sancta is active in Bethlehem with social projects to assist families, with particular attention to the weakest sections of the population. Due to the socio-political situation, the city is in a situation of serious economic crisis with a total absence of an assistance system capable of responding to the hardship, poverty and needs of people.

The activities are managed from the offices at the Dar Al Majus Community Center through a listening and support center where requests are welcomed. In addition to the activities managed directly, there is various types of aid to other charitable organizations and associations to which Pro Terra Sancta provides support.


Living conditions in Bethlehem are not easy and, as often happens, it is always the most fragile, the children who continue to be born in the West Bank, who pay the price. Because of the wall that closes the city and the poverty of families , children are often affected by trauma and grow up violent.

For this reason, for over fifteen years we have been in Bethlehem to take care of these little ones, to guarantee them a proper education and the possibility of a more beautiful future. We want everyone to have a chance in life and we know that it is crucial to start with education.


In Palestine, those who do not have children have no one to take care of them. The Government should grant a Social Welfare to some more vulnerable cases but in addition to not covering all medical expenses, especially the most expensive ones, it is not paid regularly and the amount that should be "guaranteed" every month is given only every 3 or 4 months. To respond to this emergency, the Antonian Society is one of the private institutions in Bethlehem that hosts elderly people who are alone who otherwise could not meet their basic needs.

Water and housing emergency

Due to the social and political situation and the high unemployment rate, many families in Bethlehem live in poverty. In addition, again due to the political situation, the water supply is irregular and is often not supplied for weeks. This is why every house in Bethlehem is equipped with a cistern that can guarantee the supply even in times of drought.

The jerry cans were traditionally made of iron and over time they have rusted making them preicolante and unhygienic. Pro Terra Sancta has been supporting the families of Bethlehem for years through the supply of cisterns and the repair of houses that are also in a state of severe decay.


Let's discover Dar Al Majus

The construction of the Dar Al Majus center began in 2018 after the acquisition of an ancient abandoned building (hosh), on the way to the Star. Since its origins, therefore, the project aims to recover the heritage of Bethlehem to return it to the inhabitants of Bethlehem and to the world.

The works were completed in 2022 and today the center is structured on three floors each dedicated to one of the souls of Bethlehem.


Other activities of the center

The spaces of Dar Al-Majus are also used as for artistic and cultural activities for adults and children, which offer opportunities for meeting and enrichment to the local community and the many pilgrims who come to Bethlehem from all over the world. Art and culture are essential to the well-being of a community, helping to prevent discomfort and provide opportunities for growth.

In addition, the rooms of Dar Al-Majus are used for training and cooking courses.

Art and culture

Art exhibitions, book presentations, shows in collaboration with local authorities.


Lessons in language, sewing, cooking; conferences and training workshops.

Music therapy
Art and music therapy

Art and music therapy courses in collaboration with local and international professors.


Concerts for adults and children, shows and performances often starring children.

Discover Bethlehem


A journey back in time to discover the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the Grotto where Jesus was born.



Help Bethlehem too


Need help with your donation? Write us on WhatsApp at +39 026572453!

Sostieni i bambini di Betlemme
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