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Discover what you can do to help the Holy Land: some examples

Giacomo Pizzi30 July 2013

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.  Saint Francis of Assisi.

YOU TOO can take part in the mission the Franciscans have been undertaking in the Holy Land for many centuries to preserve the Holy Places and support the local Christian communities.

With only a small contribution, we can do great things!

25 euros will ensure a family in Syria has food on their table for an entire week.

35 euros will provide school equipment for a child in Bethlehem.

50 euros will ensure a day’s work for a worker in Jerusalem.

66 euros will contribute to renovate a mosaic.

90 euros will provide the monthly allowance of medicine for three elderly people in Bethlehem.

110 euros will provide an Egyptian family’s groceries for a month.

300 euros will put food on the table for all the elderly people in our care in Bethlehem for a week.

500 euros will cover the monthly humanitarian aid needed to maintain 4 Syrian families in a refugee camp.