Giacomo Pizzi3 May 2011

Bethleem's lifeWhat has been done thank to your help to the Franciscan Social Service Office. ATS pro Terra Sancta carries out its projects for children, families and the elder in Bethlehem in cooperation with the Franciscan Social Service Office and Saint Catherine’s church. Thank to the contribution of all of you, and the intense commitment of operators and volunteers, also this year during the Holy Week we ensured a small material help to those in need for the Holy Easter celebrations.
50 boxes of food and 50 vouchers to buy meat for families in need, 150 vouchers for food and 150 vouchers for clothes for children in need, and economic contributions for 67 old people and widows. The price rise and the shortage of jobs are creating ever more poor people while help requests directed to our offices increase.
This was our small commitment to ensure to our beloved and the people in need that they are not left alone and that we are with them.