Enter into the history of the Holy Land, visit the new site on legacies

Giacomo Pizzi24 September 2014

The new site on making legacies in favor of the Holy Land is now online. It is intended for those who wish to plan ahead and make a final gesture that will have a lasting impact; for those who wish to enter into the history of the Holy Land.

To leave a part of one’s estate to the Franciscan friars present in the Holy Land means to make an indelible mark in the earthly Jerusalem that safeguards the stones furrowed by the Lord, at the same time involving and giving hope to the Christian communities there that are heirs to the faith of the Apostles, the “living stones” that continue to make this memory a living one.

To make a bequest in favor of the Franciscan friars of the Holy Land means to become part of  centuries­old tradition. The charm of this Land and the desire to see it first hand have led many, from the earliest centuries of the Christian era, to confront all sorts of obstacles and dangers in order to be able to walk on and touch the places which witnessed the birth, death and resurrection of the Son of God.

Through the site you can make a request for the Legacies Guide, a handy brochure which, apart from offering information on the projects of the Association, explains how to make a bequest and provides useful information on wills.

Visit the new site – currently available in Italian and English: