September 2011

Exhibitions of the Holy Land hosted in Italy: seeking new exposition areas

After the considerable success they enjoyed in the Holy Land, the two exclusive exhibitions carried out with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta, “Mosaics of the Holy Land” and “Sebastia, the fruits of history and the memory of John the Baptist” are now in Italy and will be available to dioceses, pilgrims and friends of the Holy Land who are interested in organizing expositions dedicated to the Holy Land.

Mosaics of the Holy Land: The exhibition has been put together thanks to contributions from the European Union and ATS pro Terra Sancta, the NGO of the Custody of the Holy Land. Full-scale copies of a number of the mosaic masterpieces of the Holy Land are on exhibit, produced by Palestinian and Italian mosaicists, the former working at the Mosaic Center of Jericho. Identical colors and materials (stone mosaic tile, glass, gold and mother-of-pearl) have been used as in the originals. The exhibition includes a catalogue and explanatory panels illustrating the original mosaics, their history, their current situation and condition, and the manner in which the copies were produced. The wide variety of both locations (churches,

palaces, mosques, religious schools, etc.) and historical periods from which the mosaics originate give an opportunity to reflect on the rich and diverse history of the land and its extraordinary cultural heritage, on which so many different peoples have left their mark.


Sebastia, the fruits of history and the memory of John the Baptist: 

The historical/archaeological/photographic exhibition andaccompanying video material are intended to increase awareness in Italy of the archaeological site of Sebastia (ancient Samaria) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, to tell the story of the conservation and development activities undertaken in the village by ATS pro Terra Sancta and to highlight the contribution to the project provided by the Cariplo Foundation and the Lombardy Region of Italy.

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