From Sebastiya to Italy: a trip to understand how to enhance cultural heritage

Giacomo Pizzi26 October 2011

A trip, brief but intense, with the aim not only of visiting a number of the most beautiful historical and archaeological sites in the world, but also to see first hand a method for preserving and enhancing historical and artistic heritage. This describes the study trip to Italy undertaken this past September by a small group of citizens of Sebastiya.

Following the completion of a training course, the participants departed Rome and its environs for Florence and Pisa, visiting monuments, churches and archaeological sites, while at the same time observing up close how such cultural heritage is being preserved, exhibited and enhanced. In the future, they will be able to apply what they observed in Italy back in Sebastiya: a small village extraordinarily rich in history and in historical, archaeological and artistic traces.

The trip was carried out as part of a project to enhance the heritage of Sebastiya that is supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta, aided by the Italian Consulate (PMSP Program), the Lombardy Region of Italy and the municipality of Sebastiya.